How to sell enterprise software within 2 weeks, twice!

The lessons I learned in selling enterprise software within a short time frame. A short time frame for me equals less than 2 weeks, as most of the buying journeys of our customers take at least 3 months. When we did it once, that could have been luck. Last month we did it again! 


Business is like chess - you need to think ahead to win!

Given the rate of technological change even the best humans can be defeated. No industry is exempt: all industries can expect a game-changing experience. Things that seemed really far out there just a couple of years or even a month ago, will have a massive impact on how we re-assess every part of our business.

Go Radical: Have No Fear to Make Changes

When you look at the history of businesses, the majority of them haven’t changed that much. However, the world is totally different than when they were founded. I should say change seems inevitable, but it is still rare.
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What Is The impact of not changing?

As a consumer, we have acknowledged that we are living in the digital era. Companies may not see today how they will enact change tomorrow.

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How Will It Change the future of your business?

It is no surprise that technology is slowly replacing humans. Executing in a consequent way is possible when organization are seeking for...

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Why do companies have to start with tech enablement?

Modern technology is mandatory equipment in the ever-changing digital era. But what are the odds of

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